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Ashley Henderson

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Rebekah White

In the Beginning Preschool is absolutely the best preschool.  Both of my boys have attended,plus my 3 nephews. A history of the last 6 years. Wow! That says alot about a wonderful place for your kids!  We have become a family with the staff, many of the parents and their kids over the years. Why do I have such a passion for this preschool. In the Beginning brings encouraging words about how God created our world. They show such wonderful love, 

grace the way our Lord and Savior would want us to bring our little blessings up in his creation. They focus on what the state of Kentucky requires each child to learn,so they are prepared for kindergarten.  The staff plans activities throughout your child's day to keep them focused n thriving for more. Activities that include the whole family throughout the school year.  If you need a preschool to send your little blessings be sure to check out In the Beginning Preschool!  You won't regret it. 

I have 3 boys that attended In the Beginning Preschool.  All 3 of my boys looked forward to going to preschool and learned so much.  They had fun, learned their ABC's and 1, 2, 3's and were taught Christian morals and values.  They still remember how Bible stories were taught to them in preschool and they are now 10 and 8 years old (my youngest boys are twins).  All 3 boys were more than kindergarten ready and have continued to excel in school thanks to their wonderful 'beginning.'  My husband and I highly recommend the professional, educational, loving, safe and Christian atmosphere of In the Beginning Preschool.

 We're not parents of preschool kids but we are the grandparents of 5 grandsons that has attended, In The Beginning Preschool.  As grandparents we have been very involved because we were the transportation for all 5 of them. We have found that this is a God based school that has the interests of the children that attend there first and foremost.  Our experience has been wonderful with the school, the personal and the support that WUMC gives to their school. Each of our grandsons had their own personalities and issues.  The teachers were always very open and accessible to talk to regarding any or our concerns, regardless of how small.  They would also discuss with you ways to help/ improve that child's progress so they would be ready for Kindergarten. 

The school provides a fun experience for the kids with special events at the school, field trips that includes the parents/grandparents and events thru the Church.  We've had some wonderful times/memories with our grandsons thru these.  The past 6 years, we have met some great people thru being  involved with the teachers and the parents of the children that have attended.  We love the atmosphere and the Love that abounds for each child and their family.  It is not just a school, but an extended Family!


In the beginning preschool is an amazing place to send your children. The teachers are so great with the kids and take the time to get to know each child, they know each one's strengths and weaknesses.  I've sent 2 of my boys, each have completely different personalities, and they both have learned so much.  And I plan to send my 3rd little guy when the time comes.  One of my sons is very attached to mommy and doesn't always know how to express his feelings and the teacher here is amazing with him. She just gets him and knows how to talk to him and make mommy leaving in the morning much easier. They keep you informed about everything and have great communication with parents.  I can't say enough good things about this preschool.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great and safe place for their kids. 


Heather Mann

I can't say enough about how much we love In the Beginning Preschool. They provide a loving and nurturing environment that fosters true learning. My son developed lasting relationships with both his peers and teachers. His love of Christ grew during his time there too.  I highly recommend this preschool. 

Bill and Jackie Courts

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