​​In The Beginning

Classroom rules will be reviewed regularly.  Each child will be encouraged to do the right thing and follow classroom rules.  Age appropriate behavior will be enforced positively.  Difficulty with the compliance will result in a "time-out."  A copy of the classroom rules will be distributed to each family, so that these can be reviewed and reinforced at home.  Communication between staff and family regarding your child's behavior is critical for success.

Our boys and girls will get to wear a special birthday hat!  Cookies, cupcakes, etc. are acceptable snacks on those days.  Just let us know a couple of days in advance when you would like to celebrate your child's birthday.  We celebrate even Summer birthdays!

Snack Time

Show and Tell


Regular, punctual attendance will help your child be successful in preschool.  Please help your child attend school  regularly except when he or she is ill. Be sure to call us when your child is going to be absent.

Fridays will be Show and Tell day.  One child each week will be encouraged to bring a toy or favorite item to share and show to the class.  Please do not send toys on any other day.  No weapons or "inappropriate" toys please.

Parent Resources

A nutritious snack/milk/water will be served each day.  Healthy eating and nutrition will be an ongoing preschool topic.  Please be sure that we know any/all food related allergies or concerns about eating habits. 

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